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The Anti-Network Effect

The Anti-Network Effect

“As social media platforms grow stronger they grow weaker too. This will eventually open the way for a meaningful alternative to Facebook.

Despite waves of privacy concerns, Facebook has a powerful grip on us all. The ubiquity of the platform and the time invested in building connections deters people from leaving and in turn deters would-be rivals from building alternative platforms.

Facebook benefits from the asymmetry of being a media company that does not produce content. It’s users create and propel the content. They are both the audience and the authors. It always made sense for them to grow to cover as much of humanity as possible — They are currently just shy of one third. With this massive scale though, the platform has become like the telephone directory of the internet, where much of the activity has shallowed to light or functional interaction and dodging your grandparents.”

The complete article by Andre Redelinghuys can be read here. 


Of course, we subscribe to this view. Facebook is not doing evil because of evil people. It is a matter of business. In its drive to ever increase revenue, Facebook is forced to monetise its users. It has one advantage over Google: perfectly personalised data. In order to get an edge in advertising, the company uses this wealth. It is simply not possible to just avoid the “bad” things like Cambridge Analytica. The problem is systemic and can’t be fixed.

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