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Tender – a common good
March 28, 2019

Tender – a common good

acio’s Tender is a digital economy that provides an application platform with free scalable transactions and synchronised currencies (with extremely reduced volatility).

Pacio’s Tender is a digital economy that provides an application platform with free scalable transactions and synchronised currencies (with extremely reduced volatility).


Tender works on 3 levels:

Agent-centric Distributed Ledger Technology (1)

Pacio is adapting breakthrough technology from Holochain[1]to create a transactional DLT whose capacity (measured in transaction per second or tps) increases with every new node. Its fractional data distribution – modelled after BitTorrent – shrinks nodes to a reasonable size for mobile phones. A mobile node can handle more than 1 tps while a load-balanced server node can accommodate more than 50,000 tps[3]. Unlike blockchains, Holochain increases network-wide tps with every node. Thus the whole network, consisting of thousands to millions of nodes, will have virtually unlimited capacity.

Tender currencies (2)

With this DLT, every user has a node, validating and maintaining the whole network. When there are no miners or block producers with their own financial perspectives, as for blockchains, transfers can work without transaction fees.

Zero fee transactions makes true zero fee p2p[4] micro-transfers possible – the last uncharted territory for payments.

Pacio adds dynamic emissions to keep Tender currencies stable vis-à-vis main fiat currencies without actually storing fiat. Working in a Tender currency synchronised to a user’s own fiat currency will be key to global adoption.

The economy is the sum of all applications using the Tender currencies. Even p2p transfers use an app – a wallet. Application providers have great motivation to care for the wellbeing of the economy’s underlying currencies, since their apps will depend on them, and currency stability will be a major feature for their apps. That makes the application provider group ideal to govern the currencies via a governance polling system and dynamic emissions – increasing and shrinking money supply as required. App providers are further bound to the economy by receiving Tender development loans generated out of liquidity.

Tender economy (3)

Zero-fee, unlimited scale and stability offers a wide range of real-world applications. While the economy is open to every use case, we project that the first set of applications will focus on micro transfers – from gaming to IOT. But added data immutability, security and privacy makes Tender ideal for business-critical use cases: accounting, financial reporting, remittances, payroll, exchanges.


Having a zero-fee currency makes micro-transactions possible.


Tender will bring the first donation service that can do 1-cent donations. Without fees.


Why not make a micro-paywall? Users pay 1 cent per pageview. Or 10 cents per day.


Players transact only the active stake and don’t have to trust the application owner. Gains are immediately transferred.


Zero fee currency is ideal for in-game purchases and transfers.


IOT applications will not gain traction if their underlying transaction currency comes with a fee and has very limited speed and scalability.

Secure Email

Zero free transfers could finally be the breakthrough for spam free and secure email services.


A recommendation engine powered by microdonation likes could replace flawed like and review-systems.

Streaming Money

Payroll by the minute. Microwork applications. Pay services by the second.

Pacio applications

Pacio has its core in the business-data field and will develop applications in the following fields:

Triple Entry Accounting

Fraud-proof accounting with a third, public and immutable ledger[1].

Business Data Reporting

Companies turn financial data into reports. For the first time, real-time blockchain ledgers and Pacio’s TARI® gives actionable business improvement insight right where and when it is needed – at the action point.

Financial Auditing

Larger entities are audited annually by an accounting practice. Having accounting on an immutable blockchain reduces the work (cost) while greatly improving efficacy and reducing fraud.

These applications will greatly profit from a flourishing Tender economy.

Network effect

Tender will be an economy that profits from cooperation. New applications will be introduced if the existing ones believe them to be beneficial for the economy. Every application profits from the user base of the others. Users profit by having more apps accepting their Tender money. User adoption will be boosted by earning opportunities provided via the economy. Pacio profits from liquidity – development loans – and user base for Pacio’s future applications.

Tender economy is a win-win for everybody.



[3] Description here: Here’s Holochain in 100, 200, and 500 words

[4] Pacio is currently running tests in this regard. The White Paper will be continuously updated with our findings.

[5] p2p is short for peer to peer or one node to another directly, not via a central server


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