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Crypto’s Next Catalyst: Gaming
April 12, 2019

Crypto’s Next Catalyst: Gaming

Gaming is one of the biggest digital economies. It might also be a use case for getting blockchain to universal adoption. See here why.

The gaming industry now generates over $130 billion in revenue globally each year. This is more than double the global movie ($40.6 billion) and music ($17.3 billion) industries combined.

Gaming live streamers as a whole on sites like Twitch garner higher viewership and stronger engagement than most traditional sports and top athletes. Gaming influencers are the new superstars.

Game developers could integrate smart contracts and non-fungible assets to enhance their item infrastructure and generate new streams of revenue. Non-fungible tokens can be used to create transparent digital scarcity.

See the full article by Christopher Gonsalves here.


Gaming is a key use case for Tender Economy due to its free use decentralised ledger technology.
* The beautiful artwork is provided by graphic artist  Evgeniya Porechenskaya

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