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TENDER has specific features that set it apart from other digital currencies: zero cost (micro)transfers; high transaction bandwidth (billions of tps); non-volatility through dynamic supply; immediate validation and revocable transfers; support of multiple fiat currencies - users work with e.g. TENDER$ or TENDER€; fiat currency gateway

Network managers without financial gains DHT technology as used by Holochain is called agent-centric. Blockchain, e.g. Bitcoin, on the other hand are data centric. With Bitcoin, the network revolves around a single ledger that stores all the data, even though the data is stored in a distributed or replicated manner, with users interacting with it. In the TENDER economy, every user maintains their own data and interacts directly with other users. (Figure 4: Transactions in...

The Pacio solution is to use multiple digital currencies in the economy to mirror the national fiat currencies required by app developers. Initially, there will be TENDER$ and TENDER€, with additional currencies to be added via a governance vote when the market (one or more developers) calls for it.