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Pacio is creating an economy of applications and users that find it beneficial to use the TENDER currency. The economy will serve many applications for different industries or interest groups. This could include gaming apps, business apps, accounting apps, social media apps, payment/remittance apps, or apps for non-technical enterprises like charities or individuals.

Pacio is developing an application platform for the blockchain era. It will support any application involving transactions such as payments, micropayments, IoT (Internet of Things), business applications or TEA (triple entry accounting) by fixing current DLT limitations, mainly lack of scalability and high costs.

TENDER has specific features that set it apart from other digital currencies: zero cost (micro)transfers; high transaction bandwidth (billions of tps); non-volatility through dynamic supply; immediate validation and revocable transfers; support of multiple fiat currencies - users work with e.g. TENDER$ or TENDER€; fiat currency gateway

Network managers without financial gains DHT technology as used by Holochain is called agent-centric. Blockchain, e.g. Bitcoin, on the other hand are data centric. With Bitcoin, the network revolves around a single ledger that stores all the data, even though the data is stored in a distributed or replicated manner, with users interacting with it. In the TENDER economy, every user maintains their own data and interacts directly with other users. (Figure 4: Transactions in...

The Pacio solution is to use multiple digital currencies in the economy to mirror the national fiat currencies required by app developers. Initially, there will be TENDER$ and TENDER€, with additional currencies to be added via a governance vote when the market (one or more developers) calls for it.